Comprehensive Auto Repair Services

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything that we do, and we strive to provide only the finest collision and auto body repair services in Cincinnati. Our Gold Class technicians have the training and experience necessary to fix any make and model, and we use only the finest equipment to bring cars back to their manufacturer-approved state.

The Gold Class certification guarantees that your auto body shop of choice is equipped to accommodate all your repair needs and ensure complete and safe repairs. If you’re looking for the best auto collision repair shops in the Cincinnati area, look no further than the Body Shops of Cincinnati.

Collision Repair

Collision Repair

Our auto collision repair shops offer only top-quality collision services to ensure state-of-the-art workmanship and get you behind the wheel quickly and with safety in mind. Rest assured that our I-Car Gold Class technicians have been trained to find and fix any underlying damage and problems with your vehicle that you might not see on the surface.

Our estimators will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your vehicle from top to bottom, and provide you with a detailed estimate of all the work we need to do to bring it back to its original state. We not only fix the physical damage, but we make sure to conduct all the electrical work and repair all the computer systems in your vehicle to ensure your safety on the road.

At the Body Shops of Cincinnati, your safety and your needs will always come first.

Paintless Dent Repair

At the Body Shops of Cincinnati, we strive to provide you with a smooth and stress-free repair experience. Paintless dent repair (PDR) allows us to fix and reshape damaged vehicle body panels to their original state without replacing any parts, repainting, or conducting traditional repair work.

These repairs are usually quick and will ensure you get back behind the wheel in no time. So, if you’re asking yourself “where can I get quick and professional auto body work near me”, look no further than one of our automotive repair shops in the Cincinnati area.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our work for as long as you own the vehicle. We’ll make sure to handle your insurance claim for you as well, as your insurance will cover the costs of PDR. If the damage is extensive and requires traditional auto body repairs, we’ll make sure to coordinate with your insurer from start to finish.

PDR Paintless Dent Repair


Sometimes, your car needs a fresh coat of paint to regain its former luster and aesthetic appeal. Our technicians are experts at auto body refinishing, combining a steady hand and an eye for detail with the best tools and refinishing procedures in the industry.

We make sure to recreate the original color of your vehicle and give it that new car shine to make it as beautiful as the day you got it at the dealership. To help protect the finish, we’ll apply the best coating solution that will keep the paint vibrant while protecting the car from minor nuisances like dust, debris, acid rain, bird droppings, and more.

Custom Paint

Want to change things up and give your car a new look and feel? Drop by one of the best body shops in Cincinnati to get a custom paintjob. Our color matching and paint experts can help you choose the ideal new color for your vehicle, and apply the new coat with detail, precision, and speed.

Custom Paint


Keeping your car looking and smelling fresh inside and out is a big part of your overall driving experience, and we are determined to elevate your experience as much as possible. Be sure to take your car to one of our local auto body shops for a comprehensive detailing service that will leave your car looking better than ever.

Our detailing services include exterior washing and polishing, as well as interior vacuuming, cleaning, perfuming, and other beautification services.

Vehicle Structure

Sometimes, the damage is not apparent, and there may be many structural problems with your vehicle after an accident, or simply from old age.

Comprehensive accident repair is not just about cosmetic repairs or traditional body work, sometimes we have to delve deep into the structure of the vehicle to fix all underlying issues and bring it back to manufacturer standards.

Structural repairs are about ensuring your safety on the road, but also ensuring that your vehicle drives like new. Let out expert Gold Class technicians conduct an in-depth analysis and fix all the hidden structural problems before it’s too late.

Vehicle Structure

Our Repair Process

Our repair process is tailored to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for our customers. We want to take the stress out of the whole thing and help you get back on the road quickly, and to do that, we make sure to address your needs while sticking to our proven five-step process.

Introduction & Estimates

At the Body Shops of Cincinnati, we guide you through the repairs every step of the way. Our estimators will guide you through the repair process and all the work that needs to be done, while at the same time coordinating with your insurer and handling your claim for you.

We promise to provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate. Once the repairs have been signed off by the insurer, we will pre-order the necessary replacement parts while working on timing estimates, shuttle service and rental cars so that you can get back on the road while your vehicle is in the shop.

Disassembly & Blueprinting

Efficiency is one of our top priorities, and we are dedicated to getting your back on the road as quickly as possible. To make this a possibility, we have a strong blueprinting process in place that will ensure your vehicle is worked on consistently at our shop, with no delays or breaks.

We run a comprehensive damage assessment and note all the work that needs to be done, making sure to disassemble the vehicle to reveal any hidden issues. When the necessary parts are ready, we move your vehicle into the repair area. Our team will then make sure to work on the vehicle continuously without having to wait for other parts and without stumbling into any roadblocks along the way.

This ensures that your vehicle gets the safe, accurate repairs it deserves in a timely manner.

Repairs & Rebuilds

We’ll then begin working on your vehicle, making sure to use the finest equipment and the right OEM procedures to ensure a smooth and efficient repair process. This includes advanced procedures like paintless dent repair and hail damage repair.

Our Collision Centers undergo extensive certification that includes annual auto manufacturer audits, OEM-authorized parts and repair equipment, as well as annual manufacturer training updates. You can rest easy knowing your vehicle’s warranty remains intact.

Prepping & Painting

After we have fixed all the damage, we start with the painting phase by prepping the vehicle. We’ll move the car to a clean room where our technicians will buff and prime the pre-painted body areas. Then, we apply our top-quality paint and clearcoat to exactly match your car’s factory colors and textures.

Reassembly & Restoration

Your vehicle then moves from the paint room to our assembly space where our Gold Class technicians will assemble the vehicle, and tend to any additional mechanical work, interior adjustments and minuscule restoration details. This ensures everything is restored to the same way your vehicle left the factory. From door handles to emblems, your vehicle will receive first class treatment.

Detail & Delivery

Our goal is to deliver your vehicle in the best condition possible, looking, smelling, and feeling like new. Our service writers fully inspect the vehicle to ensure all parts, measurements and services are completely factory-certified. Then, we hand wash and detail the vehicle with the utmost care to create that amazing new-car look that will elevate your driving experience.

Use Our Free Online Estimate Tool

Instead of long and complicated procedures, we make sure our customers can contact our auto body shop in the simplest way possible. Feel free to use our online estimate tool to receive a quick response from our expert technicians!

As soon as you share the details of the accident with us, we can assess the damage to your vehicle and the scope of auto repair we should perform. With several local auto body shops available, we can get your car to the nearest collision center and get your car fixed quickly and efficiently.